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The ‘Starbucks Cup-Size Scam’ Video Is an Old Internet Prank


It is apparently worth repeating: Different sized cups hold different amounts of liquid.

Starbucks’ coffeehouses sell beverages in a variety of sizes using its trademark paper cups, including the popular “tall” (12-ounces), “grande” (16-ounce), and “venti” (20-ounce) sizes. But according to a popular internet rumor, Starbucks is scamming its customers with this system, because, supposedly, all of its to-go cups hold the same amount of liquid.

In May 2022, a video went viral on Facebook that supposedly showed a person pouring coffee from one cup (A) into another one that appeared larger (B). While one would expect the contents of the small cup (A) to only partially fill up the larger cup (B), the video appeared to show that the same amount of coffee filled both cups to the brim.

This video was deceptively edited. The various cup sizes at Starbucks do not hold the same amount of liquid.

While we’re not entirely sure how the video above was created — our best guess is that the larger cup (B) had a false bottom to take up some volume space — we can say for certain that this video does not accurately represent the amount of liquid in two different sized Starbucks cups. How? Well, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen someone claim that different sized cups hold identical amounts of liquid.

This video is just the latest iteration of an internet prank that has been going around since at least 2016. We first debunked the prank in 2020, after a video went viral on TikTok that supposedly showed how the small, medium, and large cup sizes at McDonald’s hold the same amount of liquid. In 2017, another version of the prank focused on the Jack in the Box restaurant chain.

These videos do not show any type of “scam,” or prove that different sized cups at fast-food restaurants or Starbucks actually contain the same amount of liquid. These videos actually use tricks (some cups may be pre-filled with liquid) or deceptive camera techniques (cups may be switched when they are moved out of frame) to make it appear as though customers are getting the same amount of liquid, no matter what size of cup they order.

In 2018, for example, a YouTuber did this “experiment” using plastic Starbucks cups that the coffee chain uses for its cold beverages.

Back in 2016, the YouTube page “As Seen on Social Media” also debunked the prank. That video focused on McDonald’s cups, not Starbucks’.

The “Starbucks cup-size scam” does not show that tall, grande, and venti Starbucks cups all hold the same amount of liquid. This is an old internet prank that uses tricks and deceptive editing.

Here’s What the ‘World’s Most Beautiful Twins’ Are Up to Now


An Early Arrival

Ava Marie and Leah Rose Clements arrived rather unexpectedly on July 7, 2010. The twin baby girls were about four and a half weeks early, but luckily everything went smoothly. The early arrival was a sign of things to come. Their mother, Jaqi Clements, would later say that their abrupt arrival made perfect sense, based on the girls’ personalities.

“They came four and a half weeks early, but knowing their personalities now, it makes total sense that they would show up early, unannounced, and ready to take on anything,” Jaqi said.

The 12 Most Luxurious Celebrity Homes That Will Blow Your Mind



One of the major perks of being rich and famous is being able to live a life of luxury. Affording your dream house becomes easily attainable, allowing you to upgrade your living situation to a whole new level. Check out 20 of the most expensive and luxurious celebrity homes that are sure to make your jaw drop.

1. Oprah Winfrey’s $100 Million Home


Kicking off our list is this luxurious home owned by Oprah Winfrey. Stationed in Montecito, CA, Winfrey spent around $50 million on this so-called Promised Land back in 2001. By today’s standards, the home’s current worth lies somewhere between $90-$100 million.

Included in this 42-acre estate are fruit and avocado orchards, a pool, horse stables, an equestrian rings, and a caretaker’s cabin.

14 ways air travel has changed over the last 100 years


When’s the last time you got on a plane? If your last flight was before the pandemic, you’re not alone. Industry statistics show worldwide air travel is down by more than 85% from 2019, according to the Associated Press in August 2020. Fears about catching COVID-19 in a crowded airport combined with regional lockdowns, border closures, and stay-at-home orders made many people think twice before hopping on a flight in 2020. Those who did travel by air during the pandemic were met with a significantly different experience. Airlines implemented mask requirements, swapped in-flight meals for prepackaged snacks, halted certain routes, and even blocked off middle seats to try to create a socially distanced experience at 35,000 feet.

The recent changes, while radical, are just the latest in a series of adjustments air travel has gone through since the first scheduled commercial flight in the U.S. took place in Florida in 1914. Early air travel was incredibly bumpy, somewhat dangerous, and had very few frills. But once Americans started jetting around the country in greater numbers, airlines upped the ante to compete for their business. Passengers would dress up for the occasion to enjoy bottomless cocktails, live entertainment, multicourse meals complete with fine china and white tablecloths, and other pleasures in the sky during the Golden Age of flying.

Since then, though, it’s been a mostly downhill experience for air passengers. To squeeze every last dollar of profit from every flight, airlines have shrunk seat pitches, charged all sorts of new fees, and stopped offering free meals on many flights. The 9/11 terrorist attacks also prompted sweeping new security measures, requiring passengers to remove shoes, limit their liquids, and walk through full-body scanners before getting on a flight. Today’s air travel feels like a world away from the glamour of yesteryear.

So how did air travel get to this point? To find out, Stacker looked at various news articles and websites to compile this timeline of some of the most significant changes in air travel over the last century, ranging from in-flight meals and entertainment to diversity in pilots, changes in fare categories, and frequent flier programs.

Keep reading to see how air travel has changed over the last 100 years.

1920s: Planes become available for passengers

The 1920s marked the first decade in which aircraft were designed with passengers in mind, Insider reports. However, the experience was far from glamorous. Flying was still slower than train travel, and the planes were loud, cold, and bumpy.

The Bigger, The Better: The Largest Vehicles From The Past And Present


Conquest Knight XV


The Conquest Knight XV may very well be one of the most intimidating automobiles money could buy. This crazy SUV is fully armored and intended to be used to safely transport VIPs, or become a daily driver of an equally crazy owner. Its armor can reportedly protect occupants from gunfire, or even bomb blasts.

This monstrosity is based on a Ford F550 heavy-duty pickup truck. The Knight XV is around 20 feet long and weighs around 5.5 tons. Pricing starts at around $500,000.

8 Celebrities Who Own The World’s Most Expensive Cars

Celebrities making millions of dollars can afford to splurge on some of the most expensive cars in the world.

Have you ever wondered how much your favorite celebrity is worth? What car do they drive? The model and its top speed? How about how much it costs?! Many celebrities you see on TV drive some of the most expensive vehicles in the world. Some celebrities prefer antiques, while others prefer the newest hi-tech speed demons.

Vehicles become monumental status symbols once a world-renowned person lays their hands on them. These people are blessed with the connections and money to get and buy anything they desire; some of them even have their cars custom-built to fit their heart’s desires. And for that, they pay a fortune.

Jay Leno – 1994 McLaren F1 ($12 Million)


With the kind of cars Jay Leno keeps in his garage, you wonder if he has a favorite one. Leno is one of the richest comedians, and he has a crazy car collection worth close to $50 million. Among them is this $12 million 1994 McLaren F1.

He probably doesn’t have one favorite ride, but if his garage tragically caught on fire, we assume he would save this McLaren before anything else as only 107 units of the F1 were produced.

The 15 Craziest Wedding Dresses You’ll Ever See


To match how special a wedding ceremony is, brides typically seek out a wedding dress that is just as, if not more, special. When it comes to saying yes to the dress, brides look for one that best suits their personality and individuality.

While plenty of traditionally-styled dresses are sought after, many not-so-traditional styles are often featured for a bride’s big day. From pizza wedding dresses to dresses made of balloons, check out the most bizarre wedding dresses that will be sure to shock you.

1. Two Unique Peas in a Pod

Kicking off our list is this bride’s dress made entirely from white balloons. This intricate design is sure to impress and leave guests wondering just how she managed to slip into it without popping any. This unique dress is matched perfectly with the groom’s unique getup, as he sports swim trunks and sandals on his big day.

Most Ridiculous Things Celebrities Demand Backstage


We guess they call them divas for a reason! When big-time celebrities bring their shows on the road, they send a list of things they demand in their dressing rooms upon arrival. Whether it’s a plate of fresh-cut crudités, 1 fake tree on wheels, or coconuts cut in half and hollowed out for the musicians’ bras, these stars top the list for the most ridiculous things celebrities demand backstage!

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake is bringing “Sexy Back” but not before his dressing room is thoroughly disinfected! Picks from Justin’s List of Demands:

  • He must not have to share an elevator with anyone when on tour or at a party.
  • He and his entourage must have the entire floor to themselves at hotels.
  • Every hotel room, backstage area, and greenroom he’s in must be disinfected every two hours.

Celebs You Didn’t Know Were Sick


Celebrities are idolized all around the world, so the idea that they also get affected by life-long illnesses and conditions isn’t something we’d immediately think of. As we’ve often witnessed, celebrities are human too – they have emotions, wants, and needs – and they are just as susceptible to getting sick as we are.

Here are a few A-List stars who have chronic diseases and other medical conditions, from diabetes and kidney transplants to PTSD.

Kim Kardashian


Despite her seemingly perfect body, Kim suffers from a skin condition called psoriasis. She spoke about this on an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians back in 2011.

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that affects the skin by causing it to produce bumps or scaly patches. As of now, there is no definite cure for it but treatments for its symptoms are available.

Having Trouble Choosing Over A Loan Or Overdraft?


In need of a bit of extra money but aren’t sure which option would be the better choice – a loan or overdraft? Let us take you through both options so you’re able to make an informed choice!

What is a Loan?

A loan is typically defined as a fixed amount of money that you borrow over a decided period of time known as “term”. This can be anywhere between one to five years or on some occasions up to seven years or more depending on the lender.

This money is then repaid in monthly installments with an agreed-upon interest rate. Typically, the interest rate is fixed for the duration of the term so you know how much you have to pay every month. However, some loans may have variables based on market conditions or other factors like late charges, etc.